Things you should know about Pokemon Go

The things you should know before playing pokemon go
posted on July 20, 2016, at 11:32 am

Pokemon Go, Is one of the most trending news in the web today, but unfortunately the Philippines didn’t get to have its share on the first release. On the other hand USA, New Zealand, Australia and Germany were lucky enough to be the first country to have the Pokemon Go experience.

It’s frustrating isn’t it my fellow countrymen that our most awaited game is not yet available in our country, that we’ve done our best to download APK online or create an email addressed in other countries just to be able to play the game. There also rose some speculations that it contains malwares and the thing that your phone will be banned from the server if you’ve done it.

Well, while we are still waiting for the official release of Pokemon Go in the Philippines let me share some things you might deem useful when playing the game.

Trainer Name

First, after you’ve created your account in Pokemon Go don’t panic if you didn’t get to assign your character name coz you’re going to get your chance to do that after becoming an official trainer after catching your first pokemon.

Your First Pokemon

If you already played the older versions of Pokemon on Gameboys or Emulator, or even watched the series you might have a clue which pokemon you will be able to have as your starter pokemon companion. And if you don’t have a clue let me give you a brief background, Pokemon’s early games released Red and Blue which you will be given a choice of three they are Bulbusaur, Squirtle and Charmander. Each corresponds to different elements, and they can only be acquired through choosing as a starter or trading with other gamers.

Then let’s go back to Pokemon Go, in the current game, you will be able to catch your very first pokemon either of the three in random. But you don’t need to worry because unlike the early releases, you can catch them all along the course of the game.

Pokemon Items

As a trainer the very first thing you’ll receive is of course a Pokeball to catch the Pokemons. And as the Game goes on and level up you will receive Different kinds of potions and pokeballs which will be your basic needs.

Some miscellaneous items that will assist you in improving faster can also be obtain as you level up, and when you visits the pokestops spread around. These items are Razz berry to help you catch pokemon easier, the incense to attract more pokemons towards you, an incubator to hatch the pokemon eggs, Lucky Egg to double the experience that you will receive, Revive which will revive your fainted pokemon after the battle and lastly the lure module which will attract the pokemons on real life pokestop locations.


Pokestops are real-world locations, on these pokestops you will receive extra items that will help you push through the game like potions, pokeballs, revive, pokemon eggs and razz berrys.

To get the items on the pokestops you atleast need to be atleast 200 meters near the pokestops, after approaching it and the pokestop’s appearance change, you can flip the coin like symbol when it is clicked then wait for the free items to show.

Pokemon Gyms

Beating Pokemon Gyms are the goals of every pokemon trainer, and they are also implemented on Pokemon Go. Same as the concept of the pokestops, you need to approach the Gym locations to either challenge it or to train if you are on the same team.


In the game you will need to choose 1 out of 3 teams in which you want to belong after you’ve reach level 5 and visited a Gym, they are team Instinct, team Mystic and team Valor. These three teams are represented by 3 diff colors which are Yellow, Blue and Red respectively; they are patterned with the three legendary birds in the game named Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres which is shown in each teams Badge.

Pokemon Info

Pokemons have 2 different kinds of info, the information provided in the pokedex which are general information for all the pokemons of the same type and the specific pokemon info of the pokemon you have caught.

Have fun playing guys Enjoy =)