Would you quit your job to be a Pokemon Master?

Meet Tom who left his job as a barista to play Pokemon Go full-time
posted on July 19, 2016, at 6:48 am

Would you quit your job to be a Pokemon Master?

Meet Tom who left his job as a barista to play Pokemon Go full-time!



Pokemon Go has without a doubt changed not only mobile gaming but our way of living since it first rolled out in Australia and New Zealand a few weeks ago. But would you quit your job for a chance to catch them all? Meet the Ex Barista and now full time Pokemon Trainer from New Zealand, Tom Currie as he takes the world (of pokemon) by storm!


Tom used to fiddle with lattes and cappuccinos as a barista and bartender at a seaside restaurant on the Hibiscus Coast near Auckland, but has decided to jack that in to find digital creatures on his phone instead.




BP: How and when did you realize you wanted to do this full time and just quit your job?

Tom: I was walking along the beach shortly after downloading Pokémon Go and I just love Pokémon and loved the idea of being able to walk to play a Pokémon game! Then I thought about how cool it would be to travel with it as I read that different Pokémon are in different areas, so the following day I booked all my buses and resigned from my job!


BP: What will you do after you catch all 151 Pokémon’s?

Tom: Wait until they release more Pokémon and carry on catching them all! Maybe I'll even do an overseas adventure!


BP: What’s your long-term survival plan?

Tom: Make sure I have money for food and accommodation if I don't have friends to stay with. Stay warm, stay dry and not go hunting by myself at night! I don't have a lot of money so it is a little challenge for me, and I love a good challenge!


BP: Which Pokémon did you choose as a starter? Why?

Tom: Bulbasaur, because the screen said catch a Pokémon and I freaked out and just tapped the first one I saw! I would have gone with Charmander had I known what was happening!


BP: How many Pokémon’s have you caught so far? Who are in your top 6?

Tom: I have caught 1,300 Pokémon and 100 out of 151, my top six are Vaporeon, Golduck, Flareon, Exeggecute, Rapidash and Polywrath.


BP: What is your dream catch right now?

Tom: Definitely Mewtwo!


BP: Why did you choose team instinct?

Because I knew that I would be relying on my Instinct a lot on this trip, also, yellow is a great happy color! I liked the idea of hatching eggs also.


BP:  At this point, what will you not do to catch a Pokémon?

Tom: There is nothing I haven't done so far haha, I have climbed over fences, gone down closed off streets and been out in the pouring rain catching!


BP: Advice and tips for Pokémon fans that haven’t got a chance to play it yet?

Tom: To level up fast hold onto all of your Pokémon ready to evolve until you have heaps then pop a lucky egg which doubles your XP for 30 minutes before evolving them all getting a whopping 1000 XP for each! If you do this while at activated PokéStops you can get Pokémon and experience really quick! Also do not play this while driving and if you go out hunting late at night take a buddy with you so you can look out for one another.


BP:  Advice for Pokémon fans who would follow your direction to go full time?

Tom: If it won't cause too much instability or uncertainty then I would say to be careful and think it through but if you can afford it, will have options for work after and want an adventure then go for it! I have had the best time ever so far and every day is a blast!


Catch Pokemon Trainer Tom in his Facebook Account and follow his experience to the world of Pokemon while we’re all waiting for the game to roll out in Manila at https://www.facebook.com/TomblebeeNZ