AdmitAll launches Philippines' first All-in-one SMARTID Card!

Union Bank and AdmitAll launch the country’s first all-in-one SmartIDTM card
posted on November 26, 2017, at 4:33 am

Quezon City, Philippines, 21 November 2017— Because most students are pretty much pre-occupied with school work, they tend to overlook the need to build on their personal economy. Today, a big chunk of Filipino youth still doesn’t own bank accounts, much to the dismay of parents who want their children to manage their finances at an early age. But in these changing times, the skills and knowledge needed in the financial world is now a necessity!


To help address this pressing need, Union Bank of the Philippines made a partnership with AdmitAll to bring you the latest breakthrough, the SmartIDTM! Imagine having the perks of an ATM card and a universal ID all in one card for free!


The SmartID is an EON card from the Union Bank of the Philippines that allows for personal or school-related purchases, as well as cashless payment of tuition fees with one simple swipe. There is no minimum deposit required and it also comes with PayPal accessibility. You can also load it up just like your own electronic piggy bank in every Seven Eleven nationwide, while allowing you to track your transactions whenever and wherever you are safely and securely.


But the best part of thel SmartIDTM is that it also functions as a universal ID. Universities and instituations can avail to make the SmartIDTM their own institutional ID.



“Union Bank has always distinguished itself to be at the forefront of technology-based banking in the Philippines, and have espoused financial inclusion for many Filipinos. We’re glad that we are able to validate that distinction with the SmartIDTM by combining our top-notch technology with AdmitAll’s innovative approach,” notes Mr. Paolo Baltao, Senior Vice President of Union Bank.

For its part, AdmitAll.coma new innovative platform that bridges the gap between students and universities by offering access to high-quality education in partner campuses.


“The SmartIDTM is part of our thrust to make Filipino students learn the value of saving and investing in their personal economy even while still in school. With the SmartIDTM innovation, they can be taught how to be financially savvy and how to achieve empowered futures,” explains Christian Schweigler, CEO of AdmitAll.


Just recently, SmartID got a big boost from the Department of Education (DepEd) through an endorsement covering all schools within the National Capital Region (NCR)!



Students can get the SmartIDTM for free. Students will receive the SmartIDTM either if their school is already a AdmitAll partner or  he or she can just go to the website and click the "Get Smart ID" button. It's that simple.


With the Smart ID, you can now kick-start your journey into a better and brighter future. For further information, visit!